A lifeless body by the side of the road in Notting Hill…A gorgeous but high maintenance wife self-destructing because she’s been denied access to the family fortune…Another death – this time in the shallows of the stunning Great Barrier Reef…

Life for Brad West is not turning out the way he expected. But before he can make any sense of it, he’s going to have to confront a few home truths about the family he’s married into. A family whose secrets are well hidden and whose power and money are enough to turn sister against sister and friend into foe.

What Critics are Saying

‘An excellent plot with unexpected twists and a convincing account of family tensions and secrets.’

- Kerryn Goldsworthy, Sydney Morning Herald

‘A well-plotted debut novel.’

- Jeff Popple, The Canberra Times

‘SHALLOW WATER is a crime novel that readers who prefer less gore and more
character based family, love and life stories will undoubtedly appreciate.’

- Karen Chisholm, Australian Crime Fiction

‘When a family holiday in Port Douglas ends in murder most foul, Brad finds the Beckford family has more secrets than the NSW Labor Party. Advertising executive Black, who has worked in both London and Sydney, has come up with an impressive debut novel with plenty of twists and turns.’

- Winsor Dobbin, The Sun-Herald

‘Black writes easily and without pretence allowing the reader to develop a relationship with each character, to care for some and not for others – the sign of a talented writer.’

- Lisa O’Donnell, The Blurb

‘Aussie Brad West, living in London, finds a body lying in the road and the police are interested. In him. Brad’s wife, Jemma, is the daughter of a powerful English family and when her father dies and his will is read, there are tempestuous times ahead. To maintain good relations with Jemma’s sister and her husband, they all go to Australia for a holiday on the Barrier Reef. Another body, a mysterious stalker, suspicions, secrets and surprise twists link the two deaths and lead to a heart-stopping final confrontation. Let’s hope we’ll meet those Queensland detectives again – soon!’

- Julie Redlich, Woman’s Day